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motorcycle air filter

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It comprises of a axial fan, a protective housing on the front and rear
surfaces and filter designed to retain dust particles.
The filters that equip the fans must be cleaned and replaced regularly.
This filter can be replaced during operation without risk of touch
with the rotating part.
Material of filter pad: 100g/ M3 nylon fiber compound, Filtration
efficiency up to 7 3%.
Operation Temperature/Humidity Range: (under unconcretionary
state) -20℃ ~ +65℃ (temperature), 0% ~ 95% (himidity)
RAL 7035 grey is the standard offer with the possibility to change to
RAL 7032 by means of a replacement grille.
Bear in mind the pressure losses caused by the outlet element (grille
with filter, ventilation louvre or simple opening) when determining
the fan flow rate.
Protection class: E N 60 5 29 I P 5 4 (not suitable for outdoor equipment).

  • FJK6620PB
air filter
motorcycle air filter

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