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Wenzhou Jason Fan Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a China centrifugal fan,Plastic impeller fan,axial fan motor,axial cooling fan,dc axial fan,AC Centrifugal Fans,DC Centrifugal Fans manufacturer and supplier!
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Small compact structure, able to operate at very low noise under high air pressure.
Synthetic plastic centrifugal impeller, high efficient airfoil blade design.
External rotor motor ensures excellent heat dissipation effect, and increases their endurance to high temperature.
main products:Centrifugal fan,AC Centrifugal Fans,DC Centrifugal Fans
Compact configuration can save much installation space.
Flange frame ensures easy installation.
Various kinds of design provides you choices for different voltages and speeds.
Overload and locked rotor protection.
main products:dc axial fan,high temperature axial fan,mini axial fan

Compact configuration can save maximum space for users.
External rotor capacitor type motor can be designed with 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles or 8 poles, which can meet the needs of different fields.
main products:axial fan motor

With small compact structure and flange frame, it is convenient for installation.
Shaded pole asynchronous 2 poles motor design, full dynamic and free maintenance.
Various kinds of models can satisfy the requirement of many industrial fields.
main products:axial cooling fan,12v dc fan,ac fan,ac axial fan,24v dc fan,axial ac fan,dc cooling fan
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We are specialized in developing and producing Centrifugal fan,AC Centrifugal Fans,DC Centrifugal Fans,dc axial fan,high temperature axial fan,mini axial fan,axial fan motor,axial cooling fan,Plastic impeller fan in different sizes with high quality in the cooling and ventilation field. All of our products are reliable and they can work in harsh circumstance efficiently. They are featured in High airflow, Low noise and Endure life.
Jason Fan has already passed the ISO9001: 2000 national authentication. And its products have received CSA, RoHS, CE, CCC ,UL certificates in and out of China. As our company develops quickly and steadily, up to March 2006, we have owned three factories, covered almost 4, 000 square meters. At present, our monthly capability is more than 200, 000 units fans, 89% of which are produced by ourselves, including mold design, mold pouring, SMT disposal and all other assembling.
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